Senate Presidency: A vote for Saraki, endorsement of corruption – Kwara indigenes cry out

By Amako Nneji June 6, 2015 12:28

Senate Presidency: A vote for Saraki, endorsement of corruption – Kwara indigenes cry out

As the battle of who clinches the number 3 position rages on, indigenes of Kwara State stated that a vote for Senator Bukola Saraki will be an endorsement of corruption and barefaced unwholesomeness, stressing that the State wants infrastructural development instead of senate presidency.

The Kwara State indigenes who stated this on Friday in a five paragraph statement titled ‘’Kwara deserves salvation not senate presidency’’, insisted that Bukola Saraki’s eight years governorship and four years as senator has brought nothing tangible to the State, ‘’except the unconscionable looting of its financial and other resources in the State leading to misery of millions of people.”

A group of senators under the auspices of the ‘Like Mind Senators’ last week endorsed Senator Bukola Saraki as their preferred candidate for the Senate Presidency, and rejected the endorsement of Senator Ahmad Lawan by the Senate Unity Forum.

The ‘Like Mind Senators,’ led by senator-elect Dino Melaye who addressed a press conference an hour after the Senate Unity Forum announced the adoption of Lawan and Senator George Akume as senate president and deputy senate president respectively.

Flanked by 24 senators, including Senator Saraki, Melaye had displayed a document bearing the signatures of 35 APC senators who, according to him, had endorsed Saraki for senate president.

    “Of the 59 senators of the APC, 35 of us present here today hereby reaffirm our collective commitment and resolution to ensure the candidature of Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki as the Senate President of the 8th Assembly,” the resolution read in part.

In response, the Kwara State indigenes accused Saraki of living in opulence, at the mercy of the poor people in the State.

The statement reads in part; ‘’ in the past few weeks, the treasury of Kwara State has been allegedly depleted in the desperate quest for a fabled senate presidency.

Salaries have gone unpaid, capital projects abandoned, government hospitals are a monumental joke, while local government administration has all but collapsed, due to lack of funding.

    “Everyone knows that the candidate from Kwara State has no visible means of income. He neither owns a factory nor a medical practice, but has been doling out huge sums of money for his campaign.

Malams, Alfas, and Marabouts have been sent to Saudi Arabia and Senegal to pray for the victory in the forthcoming Senate Presidency election; while some traditional rulers have joined the bandwagon for a price.

They added; ‘’large dollar-stuffed envelopes are changing hands in Abuja at the expense of Kwara State.’’

The group therefore called on President Muhammadu Buhari stop Bukola Saraki from emerging as the Senate President of the 8th assembly stressing that the office would not benefit Kwara State, rather its financial resources would continue to depleted to ‘’sustain a peacock throne of an ambitious individual, who has already informed his followers that he is merely going to use senate presidency as stepping stone to Nigerian Presidency in 2019’’