Shocking List Of Powerful APC Politicians Buhari Betrayed, Used And Dumped

By Amako Nneji September 27, 2016 12:37

Shocking List Of Powerful APC Politicians Buhari Betrayed, Used And Dumped

More than a year since President Muhammadu Buhari assumed office, some of his ‘party men and women,’ who worked for his victory at the poll, are still hoping to be drafted into his government, Post-Nigeria gathered.

Many who supported Buhari during last year’s general elections, are still expecting to reap the dividends.

The President’s body language has left many within and outside the APC, wondering if he will ever compensate these chieftains, who were his foot soldiers during the electioneering period.

Top on the list are:

1. Ibrahim Jalo-Waziri


As the APC National Youth Leader, and member of the Presidential Campaign Council, Jalo-Waziri, helped the party in mobilizing young Nigerians during the elections. However, he seemed to have lost faith in Buhari’s leadership, shortly after he assumed office.

He berated the President for not carrying the youths along when he appointed Ministers. He had reasoned that young people should be given the opportunity to serve in leadership positions in the Buhari government, because of the role they played in ensuring victory during the last election.

2. Tam David-West


The academic, social critic and former Federal Minister, is a known ardent supporter of President Buhari. Even with his kinsman (Jonathan) as a Presidential candidate, that did not stop him from expressing his support for Buhari in the 2015 elections.

It was predicted that he would head the Petroleum Ministry, during the constitution of the Federal Cabinet, given his closeness to Buhari, but that did not work out, though the Professor of Virology, has severally said he did not support Buhari, because of appointment, but because of Nigeria.

3. Pat Utomi


The Professor of Political Economy and Management Expert, also served in the APC Transition Committee, and he was among those tipped for Ministerial appointment.

He was among the technocrats who were initially penciled to join the cabinet, but were later dropped for core politicians.

However, not making the cabinet has not stopped Utomi from doing what he knows best, that is, contributing on how to improve the economy, though he has been critical of the Buhari government.

Speaking recently on the current economic crisis, he said President Buhari was ruling the country as if he was still in the medieval period.

4.  Kawu Baraje

Kawu Barage

Kawu Baraje Baraje led the splinter faction of the PDP, New PDP, which defected with five of the Party’s Governors to the APC in 2013. He also supported the party during the 2015 electioneering campaigns.

Though, he may not have done it in expectation of a political appointment, his support for Senate President, Bukola Saraki, in his fight with the party over the way he (Saraki) emerged as head of the Upper Legislative Chamber, appears to have shut him out of any political compensation for him, or his allies.

Little wonder why he has been critical of the APC government, over what he described as the party’s poor performance.

5. Tony Momoh


The story of Buhari’s rough road to the Presidency cannot be told without the contributions of the Journalist turned Politician.

He was not only one of the masterminds of the merger of the three main opposition political parties to form APC, but has been on the project with Buhari for about 12 years, when he headed the Media and Publicity Campaign Council of the President-elect.

He convinced Buhari to contest the APC primaries, he formed the “Those Who Care Group”, TWCG, promoting Buhari as “The Face of Change.”

It is against this backdrop, that many had thought that he would have been among the first to be appointed into strategic positions by Buhari, on assumption of office.

6. Festus Odimegwu


That the former Managing Director of Nigerian Breweries is yet to be considered for an appointment by Buhari, still baffles many.

Having served in the Transition Committee, many had thought that he would easily become a Minister, but the power play over who takes his State’s slot, saw his name being dropped at last minute, in place of Professor Anthony Anwuka, who later became Minister of State for Education.

7. Sam Nda-Isaiah