Stolen Funds: Buhari should begin with the begging Governors – PDP Chieftain

By Amako Nneji June 24, 2015 17:45

Stolen Funds: Buhari should begin with the begging Governors – PDP Chieftain

Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chieftain Dr Katchi Ononuju has said the decision of President Muhammadu Buhari to recover stolen money was a welcome development, adding it must start from the Governors who had used State resources to buy properties in Dubai.

Ononuju stated this on Wednesday on African Independent Television, AIT, on the “Money Show” programme.

He disclosed that as part of recovering the stolen funds, the Governors who were unable to pay their workers for several months should be made to be accountable to the people while calling on the President to fulfill his mandate entrusted on him by the electorate.

President Buhari had on Tuesday vowed to recover funds stolen by Government officials who abused their offices in the recent past.

The Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to the President Femi Adesina, told the Governors in Abuja that the days of impunity, lack of accountability and fiscal recklessness in the management of national resources were over in Nigeria.

    “There are financial and administrative instructions in every government parastatal and agency. But all these were thrown to the dogs in the past. Honestly, our problems are great, but we will do our best to surmount them.

    “The next three months may be hard, but billions of dollars can be recovered and we will do our best,” Adesina stated.

According to Ononuju who is also an economist: “the president has said he would get stolen money but let it be holistic, that is, devoid of selective witch hunting.

    “The crisis with salaries is a national problem, so when Buhari starts doing his anti corruption drive, he should be national and not selective”

    “Most governors use all the monies they are getting from the federation account to buy houses in Dubai.

    “The states government should reduce their capital spending to their recurrent expenditure

    “Putting food on the table of the poor is better than building a big building which has no value for the states”.

On the way forward, he said: “Buhari should have had a shadow cabinet when he won the election”

    “That would have made him to hit the ground running but he has hit the ground sitting”

    “APC should start the plan he gave us while he was campaigning.’’

He further decried the inability of the Osun State Government to pay workers salary for several months, stating that he will soon send his own quota to help douse the pains in the State.

    “I am ready to send money to the people of Osun; Aregbeshola was a poster child for the ACN, he was a commissioner under Tinubu”