TEARS!!! Nnamdi Kanu Under House Arrest, May Die Of Heart Attack Soon!! Barred From Hospitals, Churches, Receiving Family Members

By Post Nigeria April 30, 2017 06:23

TEARS!!! Nnamdi Kanu Under House Arrest, May Die Of Heart Attack Soon!! Barred From Hospitals, Churches, Receiving Family Members

Legal Experts, have widely condemned the bail conditions Federal High Court Justice, Binta Nyako, gave to Biafra Agitator, Nnamdi Kanu.

To many, Justice Binta Nyako took back with the right hand, what she gave with the left, adding that, bail is a constitutional right.

“In simple language, he can neither go to the church, mosque, market, nor synagogue. He can never attend a birthday party, nor naming ceremony, or family meeting, neither can he go to the hospital, or the airport, because in any of these places, you have more than 10 people,” a source said.

The source added that, the bail conditions cannot be met by anybody, no matter how much the person tries, saying Kanu is still in detention, as such conditions would not allow him to enjoy his freedom as a Nigerian, or a human being.

He said: “This means Kanu has not gained his freedom, and I will also say that there is a strict compliant to the order of the court, but talking about the conditions, it’s inappropriate for any court to give something with the right hand, and tend to take it with the left hand.

“It’s difficult to fulfill such conditions, especially the one that says he cannot be in a gathering exceeding 10 persons.

“How do you define that gathering? Is it a gathering organised by him, or the one he found himself in without will power? It means putting him in prison in another form, because the liberty and freedom of movement of the citizens is guaranteed.

“How can you say that one is on bail, yet cannot go to church, market, or as a free citizen of Nigeria, go to cinemas with family?

“He can’t go to the bus stop to take a bus, because people will be much there. He cannot work, because an average office takes more than 10 staff. He can’t enter bus us or fly, except he will get a private jet to fly.

“He can’t attend staff meeting in a situation he works, because there will be more people there.

“The conditions to me, are such that they can’t be truly obeyed. Any smart Lawyer will immediately and conveniently file a case against that. I don’t see how that condition can be met by anybody, no matter the effort you make.’’

On his part, the Deputy Director of Radio Biafra, Uche Mefor, described the bail granted to Kanu, as ridiculous and a continuation of the Nigerian state’s assault on the fundamental human rights of the Biafran Activist.

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Mefor who spoke on Saturday, from his base in London said: “The bail is as good as not being granted.

“It is effectively a house arrest. It is an extension of his illegal detention. It is non-starter. They are illegal.”

On whether Kanu would meet those conditions and abide by them when he comes out, Mefor said: “That is practically impossible.”