TEARS!!! No More Rice And Beans For Poor Nigerians, As Prices Of Food Stuff Increases – See Latest Food Prices

By Post Nigeria July 29, 2017 19:44

TEARS!!! No More Rice And Beans For Poor Nigerians, As Prices Of Food Stuff Increases – See Latest Food Prices

It is shocking that majority of Nigerians cannot longer afford what to eat, as the prices of staple foods in markets are still high, in spite of the fact that majority of the produce are within their harvesting period.

It was gathered that a bag of potatoes, cocoyam, and maize, sell for N8,000 each, respectively.

The least retail prices for about four or five tubers of each item sell for N200, depending on the sizes.

At Iddo Market in Mainland Local government, a bag of beans sells for N48,000 and N49, 000, while a paint bucket sells for N1,300 and N1,350, and derica cup, N350 and N360, respectively.

A 50kg bag of rice at Iddo Market sells for between N15,000 and N15,500. While a bag of garri goes for N22,000, a paint bucket, N900 and N1,100.

Also, at Mile 12 Market, a tuber of yam, old stock depending on the size, sells between N500 and N2,500, while the new stock sells between N800 and N1, 500.

Mrs Iyaani Subaru, a Corn Seller, at Jakande Fruit Market, Ketu, said that Traders were not the cause of the high prices, as they display their goods depending on how they bought from the wholesales.

“Those who bring in corn in bulk to Lagos, do not do so often, as they explained that they noticed that when the goods are many in the market, their profits reduce, so they restrict supply to control prices.

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“Today a bag of corn is N8,000. I have to sell to recover the cost price, and make something on top”, she said.

Mallam Dangoya Aboki, a Yam Seller, at Mile 12 Market, said that ‘correct big old tuber of Abuja yam’ sells at N2,000, N2,200, while the small ones sell at N1,000.

“People still prefer old yams to new ones by this time of the year. The reason being that old yam tastes better than new ones.

“Besides, new yam is coming out gradually, and you can get big tuber of Abuja yam at N1,500.

“Generally, everything in the market is costly, and it has affected yams also.

“Perhaps, by August ending the prices of new yam will reduce”, he said.

Sule Aliyu, a Beans Seller at Iddo Market, said that price of beans had not been stable since 2016.

“Today brown beans sells for N48, 000 a bag, while honey beans sells for N49,000 a bag.

“There was a period it came down to between N40,000, N42,000, N45,000 and 46,000 per bag.

“Then, we sold derica cup for N25, N26, N27 and N28, while paint bucket went for between N250 and N280.

“If you come tomorrow and the new stock comes cheaper, we will reduce the price to reflect the current price”, he said.


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