The Erection Of A N520 Million Statue!!! My Governor Has Completely Gone Mad Again!!! By Amako Nneji

By Post Nigeria October 15, 2017 18:36

The Erection Of A N520 Million Statue!!! My Governor Has Completely Gone Mad Again!!! By Amako Nneji

The great literary icon, Prof Ola Rotimi, in one of his renowned dramas captioned a politically attuned play, ‘Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again’, and therein brought the concept of madness into the political terrain.

Political madness for me is not a mental disorder, but the restraint of balanced reasoning and sound judgment.

My dear Governor, Rochas Okorocha, with due respect, who has bewitched you?

Whenever I reflect on the economic situation of Imo State at present, and certain economic ventures and strides taken so far by my Governor, I tend to conclude that Okorocha has gone mad again, having derailed from his statutory function. This derailment is pure madness.

If not madness, how can Rochas Okorocha justifiably decide to unveil a statue of Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, with the whopping sum of N520 million as alleged?

This is a State that can hardly pay salaries without bailout funds. This is a State with poor road networks,  dilapidated infrastructure, an over-bloated army of unemployed youths, high rate of crime, and indebted to the Federal Government to the tune of N60 billion.

Despite this N60 billion, Okorocha has allegedly gone to borrow another N20 billion that is repayable monthly by N403 million for 7 years outliving his regime, and drawing debts of 3 years to the next State Governor after him.

Still on the erected Jacob Zuma Statue. The unveiling ceremony was only one of the many honours conferred on the controversial South African President by Okorocha, and witnessed by Olusegun Obasanjo, former President of Nigeria.

Zuma was also given the Imo Merit Award, the highest award in the State, which is usually given to honour persons that have distinguished themselves in various fields of human endeavours.

A chieftaincy title (Ochiagha di oha mma of Igboland, meaning the people’s warlord), was also conferred on Zuma, and a street was named after him.

Wait a minute! Is my Governor aware that Jacob Zuma is currently facing a running battle in his political party, the African National Congress, ANC, over allegations of corruption and abuse of office?

Is Okorocha aware that Jacob Zuma turned away his face when South Africans were daily killing Nigerians in droves?

Despite the role Nigeria played to bring the apartheid regime in South Africa to an end, Nigerians are being killed in the South Africa on a regular basis, and Zuma had done nothing to check that.

Does Okorocha who claimed to be a graduate of Economics know that N520 million will make 520 Imolites from every Local Government medium scale entrepreneurs at N1 million each with the capacity to employ about 5 workers, thereby providing jobs to about 3,000 people?

Why Jacob Zuma of all People? How many captains of industries from his native land of South Africa came along with him to Imo State? Can Okorocha name any South African Investment in Nigeria that has bettered our lot?

What Has MTN, Shoprite, and DSTV done for us? Instead of high tariffs and capital flights.

Why must my Governor always be in the news for the wrong reasons?

Okorocha in his madness has redefined political theorems and practice. Okorocha has innovated a moribund fourth-tier of government. Okorocha has successfully turned the State House of Assembly into an appendage of the very Executive it is meant to oversight by employing the Legislators as supervisors of Local Council Areas.

Okorocha set a record when he started construction of 27 general hospitals, one for each of the Local Government areas in the State, in one fell swoop, but completing none after many years, yet leaving the entire health sector comatose and derelict.

Old pensioners are dying on famished queues; workers shamble the scorched earth, timorously, protesting salaries owed for several months by an imperious, government high on vaulting cronyism and nepotism.

Now my Governor, my Governor, has done it again, erecting millions of naira statue for a ‘stranger’ – Jacob Zuma that frustrated Nigeria’s war against terrorism when the Nigeria Army passed through South Africa to get arms through the black market during the administration of former President, Goodluck Jonathan.

Okorocha wants Imolites to go to farm, but he has provided neither land nor tools.

Like Ishmael, Okorocha is up in arms against everybody, and everybody is up in arms against the Governor, because of his many vexatious decisions. His urban renewal project, which has resulted in massive demolitions of structures without even scant consideration of the payment of compensations to victims, is ill-conceived and blatant affront on sensibilities.

However, his demolition of Eke Ukwu Owerri market is understandable, except that those condemning him claim there are wily plans to appropriate the land to self and cronies.

People are yet to see the benefits of several structures demolished long ago for some projects that are yet to see the light of day.

Of course, I know his attack dogs would yelp for my blood, as usual, saying: “Amako, have I not warned you to stay clear of my boss’ path.?”

The Governor must know though that every constructive criticism is to make him better.

Unfortunately, the problem of Okorocha, is that his dubious cheerleaders are too afraid to tell him the truth, because of fear of losing their meal tickets.

I am not an enemy, but a friend! Long Live Imo State.


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