#TheList: Full of thieves, LP tears into Buhari

By Post Nigeria October 21, 2015 15:13

#TheList: Full of thieves, LP tears into Buhari

The Nigeria Labour Party, LP, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to stop giving excuses for the lull in exemplary oversight of the nation’s affairs as the days of honeymoon are over.

Party Spokesperson Kayode Ajulo made this known on Tuesday, saying it is appalling that someone perceived as an icon of incorruptibility and equity “would go on to nominate out of 170 million Nigerians persons tainted with gross allegations of mismanagement of state funds for appointment in the cabinet of government that rode for power on the premise of integrity and probity.”

Ajulo said these choices were shocking from Buhari even after he “affirmed to the entire country that he ‘belongs to nobody and belong to everybody’ and that ‘Nigerians have nothing to fear from him as a person, and everything to fear about the consequences of their actions.’”

The list of ministerial nominees which took five months since the assumption of the Buhari-led government, appeared in the hallowed chambers of the National Assembly for rigorous screening, while others wait for the next sitting on Thursday, October 22 as the Senate President’s hearing at the Code of Conduct Tribunal, CCT, held on Wednesday.

    Ajulo lamented that “the right questions were left unasked and even when asked the questions were skillfully evaded by the nominees during the screening session.”

    “I have nothing personal against the person of erstwhile Babatunde Fashola , who I have for long considered the brightest stars in the nation’s political firmament.

    “I must say his attempt at refuting the recent allegations of mismanagement of funds under his watch as Governor ,specifically his claim of not signing any cheque and deliberately refuse to acknowledge that he, as Governor, was the approving authority, left much to be desired, and also dimmed his trust as a public officer.

    “What do I say about the screening of APC scribe Lai Mohammed, and also APC chieftain Chris Ngige?

    “Those two incidents struck me as more of comical friends catching up than people appearing before the panel for screening. The inherent marginalization of women in the released list is nauseating and very sensitive to the place and role of our mothers and sisters in the ministerial nomination.

    “Is the call for patience and time a way of encouraging the Nigeria masses to remain passive and ignorant regardless of the cost to the nation and the generations to come?” Kayode queried.