Third Class Degree Senator, Dino Melaye, Is Not A Ghost, He Can Be Killed By A Very Small Bullet!!!, By Amako Nneji

By Post Nigeria September 30, 2017 14:21

Third Class Degree Senator, Dino Melaye, Is Not A Ghost, He Can Be Killed By A Very Small Bullet!!!, By Amako Nneji

Before the event that happened on Tuesday, 26th September, 2017, I was thinking that just maybe the embattled Senator representing Kogi-West Senatorial District, Dino Maleye, was a “ghost”, a big one for that matter. How Dino was demystified still amazes me.

After his rants on social media, a few ‘home-made audio records’ which produced the hit track, ‘Ajekun Iya’, plus a petition to halt his recall process, the self-acclaimed fire-brand Senator eventually took to his heels on the mere sighting of INEC officials, who came to serve him the court order.

Dino fall my hand big time!!! The Kogi born Senator was afraid to go back to his Constituents to test his popularity.

I nearly spoke in tongues when I saw the flamboyant controversial third class degree Senator on national television running out of his office, to escape INEC officials carrying Ghana Must Go bags loaded with signatories.

Let me give you a brief account of how it happened: INEC officials had stormed his office on that fateful day, and met his office under lock and key! Melaye and his Aides were nowhere in sight.

Actually, it was reported that the Senator was in Chambers when the officials arrived; but afterwards, he managed to pull a fast one on the INEC officials who had reportedly spread themselves around the NASS complex, in order to ‘smoke him out’. Dino Melaye suddenly ‘vanished’ into thin air.

Dino Maleye’s tail is on fire now! His Contractors as I was told have started rushing back to the site to complete his abandoned projects. He now seems to remember he is a steward and not on a vacation to Abuja.

Just a few days earlier, Melaye had mocked his recall process as being a “Made in Taiwan” exercise, which in his opinion, had failed.

Now, anyone who had seen Melaye in the days just before INEC called his bluff and stormed his office, would have thought that ‘Oga’ was ready for fire. However alas, the events of September 26 only proved that Dino Melaye is simply skilled in the use of his ‘mouth’ and his ‘legs’.

Melaye could have strolled up to his office ‘like a boss’, and received the documents. Then he could have told the INEC officials in a slow motion for full effect – “I’ll see you guys in court!”

Nonetheless, the reverse was the case. Dino was afraid of is own shadow. He could dream to test his popularity.

In fact, when Dino’s recall sails through, it will be a catalyst for many other recalls. Many Legislators would have sat up and earned a fraction of their lump allowances, thus improving national well-being.

This is why Nigerians must wake up at this point, and insist that due process be followed and Dino returns to roost.  If the process fails to take Dino home due to the criteria not being satisfied, fair and square, and not because of interference or subversion of the process.

If the Senate continually undermines the Constitution, they have undermined their legality; therefore, they must go, because their existence is based on the sanctity of the Constitution.

This time, they have shot themselves in the foot.


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