Tinubu lashes out at former Ministers

By Amako Nneji September 15, 2015 14:49

Tinubu lashes out at former Ministers

The de facto National leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Ahmed Bola Tinubu has said the mediocrity of former President Goodluck Jonathan made few of his outstanding cabinet members to perform below expectations and suffer unjustly.

Tinubu who stated this in an editorial published in the Nation Newspaper of September 15, 2015 with the title “living in denial” maintained that Jonathan ran a cabinet of technically sound men with woeful performances.

Jonathan on September 7, 2015 praised the former Minister of Agriculture, Akinwumi Adesina and Former Director–General of the Stock Exchange Arunma Oteh for their new roles on the international scene.

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    “Given your (Adesina) exemplary record of performance, while serving as the minister of Agriculture and Rural Development in my cabinet, I have no doubt that you will deploy your energy and the bank’s resources to ensure that Africa experiences a new era of accelerated development,” Jonathan wrote.

The former President, in a letter to Oteh, praised the former SEC Chief’s profound knowledge of capital markets, describing her as conversant with the challenges of the economies of emerging markets.

Akinwunmi, who was Jonathan’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, has just assumed duty as the President of the AfDB while Oteh, who was the Director-general of the Securities and Exchange Commission, was appointed as the Treasurer and Vice President of the World Bank.

Referring to Jonathan’s letter Tinubu said that it was indisputable that Adesina, and Oteh are two first class Nigerians who have done remarkably well.

    “The content of his widely publicised congratulatory letters to the duo, however, suggests that Dr Jonathan was either being deliberately mischievous or is still living in denial over three months after the Nigerian electorate showed him the way from the Presidential Villa in Abuja, back to his native Otuoke in Bayelsa State.

    “We reaffirm that both Adesina and Oteh are outstanding intellects. They both came to their positions in the Jonathan administration with track records of wide experience and excellent performance in various reputable international organisations.

    “Another such member of the administration in Jonathan’s government was Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the Minister of Finance and coordinating Minister for the Economy.

    “But the truth is that the elevation of Adesina and Oteh to their international positions is more due to the duo’s individual abilities and accomplishments than an acknowledgement of some imaginary collective achievements of the Jonathan administration in which they served.

    “Yes, some commendable reforms were achieved in the agricultural sector under Adesina but the sector continues to function far below its potential. That is why the country remains a mono-cultural economy so perilously dependent on petroleum revenues. In spite of her expertise and experience, Oteh did not leave Nigeria’s Capital Market necessarily better than she met it.

    “They were both members of the Economic Management Team of the Jonathan administration that has bequeathed to its successor a depressed economy brought to its knees by the current drastic fall in oil price and corruption. And this is despite several years of booming oil sales during Jonathan’s tenure.

    “The fault of course is not that of accomplished Nigerian professionals who perform brilliantly on international assignments but poorly at home. Rather, the problem is with the kind of inept and permissive leadership best exemplified by Dr Jonathan under whose leadership corruption and impunity rose to unprecedented proportions in Nigeria.

    “The mediocrity of Dr Jonathan and the majority of his team made it impossible for the few outstanding professionals among them to perform to their full potential and make a positive impact on governance.

    “The mediocrity of Dr Jonathan and the majority of his team made it impossible for the few outstanding professionals among them to perform to their full potential and make a positive impact on governance”

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