WAR!!! PDP In Very Big Trouble, As Tinubu Relocates To Abuja, Ahead Of The Great Battle

By Post-Nigeria: May 18, 2019 14:31

WAR!!! PDP In Very Big Trouble, As Tinubu Relocates To Abuja, Ahead Of The Great Battle

Perhaps, in a bid to avoid a repeat of the 2015 last-minute disappointment, the National Leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu, has reportedly relocated to Abuja, to personally monitor the shifting political developments regarding the election of the next Leadership of the National Assembly.

Tinubu is backing Senator Ahmed Lawan, for the Senate Presidency, and Femi Gbajabiamilam for the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

While Lawan is seen more as President Muhammadu Buhari’s anointed Candidate for the job, Gbajabiamila, from Surulere Federal Constituency, in Lagos, is an anointed of Tinubu, though Lawan too was propped up by the ruling party Chieftain, in 2015, after dropping his initial Candidate, former Benue State Governor, Senator George Akume.

In 2015, Tinubu reportedly failed to show his hand deep in the contest early enough, in order not to be seen as being dictatorial, preferring to line behind the then newly-elected President, Buhari.

With the stakes believed to be higher this time, Tinubu is reportedly handling the expected high-wire horse-trading, trailing the emergence of the duo again as the preferred Candidates of the party, considering the internal opposition to their candidature.

While Lawan is reportedly having it easier, selling his candidacy to Stakeholders outside of his party, the unmistaken emblem of the Lagos “godfather” on Gbajabiamila’s candidacy, is said to be making things difficult somewhat for the four-term Lawmaker.

“Gbaja on his own, is not a problem, though people have been talking about his elitist attitude. But anything with Tinubu’s hand on it, many within the party do not just want to hear it, especially our people from the other side (North), and oga (Tinubu) does not always know when to back down. There is a popular joke in Abuja now, especially at the party Secretariat. If you say you are broke, they will ask, is Asiwaju not in town, and that if he is in town, you cannot be broke, because all you need to do is go and tell him some lies that he wants to hear about his Candidates or 2023, and you will come back with ….(mentions denomination)”, a source disclosed.

Tinubu is reportedly handling the reaching-out, because his rumoured Presidential ambition is said to be closely tied to the success of getting Gbajabiamila and Lawan enthroned, particularly the former, as the Head of the Legislative Institution, with more youthful, exuberant, and impressionable Politicians.

For Allies of Gbajabiamila, and those who would play ball from the opposition to get him to the political Promised Land, it was learnt that their loyalty is going to be sustained for some future assignments.

The implication of having a need for them, according to insiders, is that such tested and trusted Allies, would have four years of comfort under the Gbajabiamila Leadership.

The said bait of not using and dumping them, considering future engagements and partnerships, is reportedly working more for the Tinubu camp, since any form of betrayal from their end, would mean losing massive support for the future aspiration, which is bigger and of higher political value than what is being sought now.

It was also learnt that Lawmakers from the opposition, especially those not too close to Dogara, may find comfort in Tinubu’s arm, and possibly break ranks with their party, in the event of the party directing its Congressmen and women, to again, work against Tinubu’s interest.

Gbajabiamila recently boasted that he already has the numbers to sail smoothly in the Speakership contest, but some opponents are saying that it will be too early to declare victory.

While President Buhari has characteristically not been too loud about his support for Lawan, it was learnt that not saying anything regarding Gbajabiamila’s emergence at the dinner, where the Lagos Politician was presented, has made the journey more tortuous for Tinubu’s camp.

Tinubu’s relocation to Abuja, to oversee things directly, is also said to be connected with the rumoured power play that could see “one go for one”.

With both Lawan and Gbajabiamila being projected as Tinubu’s anointed, there is the likelihood of the party Leader, being told at the zero hour, to pick one and leave the other position for other tendencies in the party.

His camp is said to be working assiduously, to avoid a situation of having to make such a tough call.

His Allies in the South-West, are also coming in and out of Abuja, to confer with him, but one Ally that would be expected to be by his side at this crucial moment, the former Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola, is reportedly missing in the Abuja action.

Aregbesola spearheaded the defunct Tinubu’s Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, parliamentary mutiny of 2011, which enthroned the current Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Tambuwal, as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, against the then-PDP’s choice, Mulikat Adeola-Akande.

The PDP paid Tinubu back in the same coin, in 2015, helping the APC install Dogara in place of the party’s pick, Gbajabiamila.

It was gathered that Aregbesola is staying back in Lagos fixing the next cabinet of the incoming administration of Babajide Sanwoolu, at Tinubu’s behest.

Meanwhile, the recent involvement of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, with the administrative Leadership of the National Assembly, is said to be part of the game plan to ensure a desired ending to the contest for Senate and House of Representatives’ top jobs.

Clerks of both Chambers reportedly played a major role in swinging things in certain directions, in 2015, and with the fear that the outgoing Senate President and House of Reps. Speaker may swing the process again using the top Officials to keep the party’s anointed out of the seats again, the anti-graft Commission is reportedly being involved to “sound a note of warning”.

Operatives of the Commission swarmed Collation Centres in Lagos, Abuja, and many other States, during the final declaration of results of the 2019 general elections.

The Official explanation was to prevent financial inducement of the Electoral Officers.

The voting procedure for the new NASS Leadership has been a major dispute among contending factions, with the majority favouring secret balloting, the type that rubbed the ruling party’s face in the mud four years back.

There is palpable fear in the ruling party that another secret balloting could produce a similar result.

The current probe of the Assembly’s Administrative Leadership by the EFCC is said to be a ploy to have an unfettered access to the books and information that could help prevent another humiliating loss.

If things are not going the desired way with the voting procedure, it was learnt, the probe could become a major tool in beating everybody into line.

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