We did not leak questions to PDP- NEDG

By Post Nigeria January 29, 2015 10:31

We did not leak questions to PDP- NEDG

The Nigeria Election Debate Group, NEDG, on Wednesday assured the media, that contrary to allegations by the APC, the group remained non- partisan and did not leak election debate questions to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and its candidate, President Goodluck Jonathan.

The Chairman of the NEDG, Mr Shola Omole refuted the APC’s claims during a press conference on the preparation of the Presidential Debates organized by the NEDG, in Abuja.

According to him, “As of right now I can say that 13 political parties have confirmed that they will attend the debate. We are still working on it and we still have a few days to go before the debate.

“I will like to state that the NEDG is not a partisan organization but a collection of media people, civil society organizations, professional associations who have an interest in ensuring that Nigerians have better adequate and relevant information to enhance their ability to be able to take a decision on voting day.

“As we speak, the questions that are going to be asked on the date of the debate are still being worked upon by our debate committee. Those questions are not ready; as I am speaking to you, the questions are not yet ready; there is still work in progress. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason why anybody will have the questions right now.”

The Media Consultant to the NEDG, Mr Taiwo Allimi disclosed that over 3,000 questions had been submitted to the group from Nigerians, adding that the election debate would be “issue based and issue driven”.

Allimi explained that the platform would not give any score card, and that, “there will be non-participatory audience; the audience is not to clap, yell or laugh during the entire debate.

“It is on the date of the debate, when the debate is about to go on air that we (the NEDG) will now give the moderators and the panelists the questions they will be asking the candidates.”

The APC remains jittery on the planned debate as they have yet to confirm their attendance to the NEDG.