We revived Nigeria’s economy – PDP

By Post Nigeria January 5, 2015 10:30

We revived  Nigeria’s economy – PDP

The People’s Democratic Party, (PDP), said it had created in the last 15 years a conducive environment for Nigerian Entrepreneurs across board to do business and drive the country’s economy.

The PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, said that this achievement was as a result of the detailed implementation of policies listed in the manifesto of successive PDP administrations.

According to him, “actions of the party have helped to maintain an investment-friendly environment for Nigerian businesses to thrive in all sectors of the economy”.

“The growth of the private sector under the PDP has been phenomenal. This did not happen by chance.

“Our governments at all levels have been guided by our economic policy, which directs the creation of a dynamic economy in which market forces are combined with the forces of partnership, solidarity and cooperation for the benefit of the people”.

“The hallmark of the PDP administration remains the policy of transfer of wealth from the public sector to hardworking and enterprising Nigerians. This has not only revived and empowered the private sector but also expanded the nation’s economic frontiers with an unprecedented growth in small and medium scale enterprises, which has helped in providing employment for our citizens across the country”.

“The fact remains that under the PDP, Nigerian entrepreneurs have fared better more than ever before. Under our government, more private businesses have sprung up. More banks have been opened and performing well; the telecommunications, oil and gas and manufacturing sectors have witnessed exceptional expansion; more transport companies, hotels, farms, schools and hospitals are springing up; more reputable international retail businesses and food processing companies have opened in our country”.

“Under the PDP, our hitherto weak and unreliable banking sector has been repositioned and strengthened.

“Today, our nation boasts of a strong and stable banking system which has restored investor confidence and provided support for growth in other sectors of the economy. Nigerian banks are now growing stronger with many of them having hundreds of branches and business offices locally and internationally”.

“Also, following the conducive business environment created by successive PDP administrations, the telecommunications sector has witnessed tremendous expansion in the last 15 years with firms such as Globacom, Etisalat, MTN, Airtel among others opening new lines and empowering millions of our people through direct and indirect employment and access to global business connections”.

“In the same vein, we have witnessed a revolution in the retail sector with reputable international concerns establishing in Nigeria and recording impressive performance following the nation’s encouraging demographics and stronger purchasing power of our citizens”.

“International retail giants such as Shoprite, Internationale Spar Centrale BV among others are expanding the retail frontiers. The rebirth of shopping malls in all major cities of the country attests to the empowerment of Nigerian entrepreneurs in this subsector”.

“In the manufacturing sector, the PDP has not only revived but also revolutionized the nation’s automobile industry. Today, through the New Automobile Industry Policy initiated by President Goodluck Jonathan, vehicles are now being manufactured in our country”.

“Automobiles manufactured by Innoson Group, an indigenous firm are competing favorably in the market. Leading vehicle manufacturers such as Nissan, Hyundai, and Kia, have set up factories in Nigeria and are employing thousands of our people. This is in addition to the revitalization of Peugeot Nigeria and ANAMMCO”.

“Hardworking private individuals are now thriving in their business endeavors. Brand names such as the Dangotes, the INTEL Services as well as several others in food processing, hospitality, transport, construction, oil and gas are recording huge successes”.

“Even in the media, there has been an unprecedented growth with Nigerians firms thriving and competing favorably in print, electronic and online ventures following the business and media-friendly environment provided by the PDP.”

Meanwhile, the PDP has promised to continue with the implementation of its wealth creation polices; and also secure the future of the Nigerian business community with attendant benefits to the citizens.