We Thought That Governance Was Very Easy – Oyegun Makes Open Confession, Begs Nigerians To Bear With The Indomitable Buhari

By Post Nigeria September 17, 2017 20:54

We Thought That Governance Was Very Easy – Oyegun Makes Open Confession, Begs Nigerians To Bear With The Indomitable Buhari

The National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, John Oyegun, has raised an alarm over the economic hardship which Nigerians are currently experiencing.

Speaking on the occasion of his 75th birthday anniversary organised by the Inner Circle of Friends, University of Ibadan alumni, he pleaded with Nigerians to continue to be patient with the present administration.

Oyegun said: “Yes, it has caused pain, stress, and there is a bit of hunger in the land. People are hungry and there is no question about that. But if you need to eat an omelette, it is inevitable that you have to break the egg.

“So, my message is to our people nationwide to bear with us. The pride that you feel when you walk out and say you are a Nigerian, backed up by 170 million people, and hopefully backed up by an economy that will bring us back to growth, to stability, and development.”

“The foundation of our nation is being rocked deliberately. We promised change, but quite frankly, change of the immediacy that we promised has inevitably to run against the kind of fight back that we are having today. Because of the kind of President we are lucky to have, because we have a man who insists on due process, because we have a man as President who insist on fairness, who insist that justice must be given its due place, and that everything must take place according to due process, the powers of darkness has taken advantage of this to fight back in such a massive way that they are beginning to threaten the very foundation of our nation.

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“But let me say this, with all the emphasis at my command that change there must be. That this nation will stay united. But the current new economic foundation that our President is so laboriously and painstakingly putting together, a new nation, the foundation for a new economy based on production, not based on the cheap easy resources of oil; a foundation that will sustain this nation, a foundation that will propel this nation to greatness, a foundation that is destined to make us the first, the largest and the most potent black nation on the surface of the earth is being put together.”


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