We were abandoned by Obasanjo and Yar’adua, Jonathan rescued us – Albino Foundation Founder

By Post Nigeria February 2, 2015 18:48

We were abandoned by Obasanjo and Yar’adua, Jonathan rescued us – Albino Foundation Founder

The President and Founder of the Albino Foundation, Mr. Jake Epelle, on Monday acknowledged the immense contributions of President Goodluck Jonathan to the albino community in Nigeria.

Speaking at the Open Forum with the Civil Society, Mr Jake explained that it was important to “arm Nigerians with the values that President Jonathan has delivered.”

He explained that in order to draw support for the president in the upcoming elections, Nigerians need to be informed on what exactly he has done and is doing.

“It is our job to take it to the hinterland, tell them all he is doing.” This he said, is important because “people make informed choices” based on what they know.

The President of the albino foundation went on to give details on what President Jonathan has done for the Nigerian albino society.

He said, “I’m saying this in all sincerity, you can go to National Hospital and see for yourselves, over 800 to 900 albinos have been treated for skin cancer. It will cost 1
million Naira basic to treat one albino with skin cancer.”

“President Goodluck Jonathan inherited that project. Obasanjo started it, he did not pay for it, President Yar’adua took it over, he did not pay for it. President Goodluck Jonathan last year paid 17.8 million naira on behalf of albinos.”

Mr Jake gave another example of what the President has done for them. “I have a young lady who is in my office right now, who just came back from scotland; she has never been abroad, she just came back with a masters degree..who paid for it? President Goodluck Jonathan!”

He concluded by highlighting the humility and kind heartedness of President Jonathan and closed with an important question.

“I have never met any president of nigeria before, goodluck jonathan was the first president I had a handshake with.”

“I don’t know all those running for president, but I don’t know how many of them will actually do what president jonathan has done for us.”