We will no longer tolerate Obasanjo’s jabs – PDP BOT member

By Post Nigeria January 7, 2015 05:55

We will no longer tolerate Obasanjo’s jabs – PDP BOT member

Former Minister of Transport, Ebenezer Babatope, on Tuesday accused former President Olusegun Obasanjo, of portraying a bad image of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and President Goodluck Jonathan.

Babatope who is a member of the PDP Board of Trustees made this statement in reaction to the claim by Obasanjo that Jonathan has exhausted Nigeria’s foreign reserves. He said he will no longer tolerate Obasanjo’s utterances that may incite Nigerians against the PDP and the president

His words “Obasanjo can say anything he wants to say after all it is in the nature of the man to believe that his opinion is the best in the world.

“One has to be careful though. You cannot be right all the time. And that is why he provokes controversy all the time. What I know is that henceforth, we will not allow him to make reckless statements that can dampen the interest of our party before the Nigerian people,”

According to Babatope, Obasanjo was no longer a member of the PDP though the national leadership of the PDP has not disowned him as a member.

“He said he is a PDP man. The party has not disproved that; so I will not say he is no longer in PDP but as far as I am concerned, I no longer regard him as a member of PDP. If he attacks us, I will take my counter-attack to him.”

Babatope said Obasanjo has a set programme aimed at maligning the president and the PDP ahead of the general election which he will keep unleashing, but would be counter-attacked.

“Obasanjo has got his set programmes that he is going to be unleashing as the election draws near. What he is going to be saying next week, he already has it. But he now knows that some people are hovering over him to counter-him and nail him,” he said.