Why Buhari Would Continue To FAIL As President – Pastor Tunde Bakare Cries Out, Shocks The World

By Amako Nneji January 9, 2017 10:59

Why Buhari Would Continue To FAIL As President – Pastor Tunde Bakare Cries Out, Shocks The World

The Serving Overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has called on Nigerians, to pray for President Muhammadu Buhari, due to his political impotency to salvage the nation’s economic woes.

Bakare, who was the Vice Presidential candidate to Buhari, when he contested on the platform of the defunct Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, in 2011, particularly asked the President to reshuffle his cabinet.

Speaking in his State of the Nation Address, delivered in Lagos, on Sunday, January 8, Bakare, who described the present 36 States in the country as, “good for nothing”, called for the scrapping of the States, and the adoption of a regional system of government.

While proposing the Singapore Model of fighting and conquering corruption for the country, Bakare said: “It is my considered opinion, that we are still fighting corruption – our nation’s perennial archenemy, with kid gloves.

“It is very disheartening that allegations of corruption remain rife in our country, even against key office holders in the present government.”

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Bakare, who is the convener of the Save Nigeria Group, noted further that: “The current government, under President Muhammadu Buhari, has the opportunity to provide such leadership, by being at the forefront of the quest for change.

“Guided by the indicators of good governance in a well-structured State, and propelled by a true unifying national vision, Mr. President and his team, must summon the courage to make hard choices, especially the choice to restructure, and the choice to embrace the necessary self-sacrifice that precedes economic recovery.”

While noting that this year will be crucial in Buhari’s tenure, the Clergyman, stressed that the nation has no more time to waste, adding that:

“May 29, this year, will mark two full years of this administration in government. We have no more time to waste.

“The President must galvanize his team to get the job done; square pegs in round holes must be removed, or put in appropriate places; the wicked who surround the righteous must be led away from the presence of the king. Those who cannot stand the heat, must get out of the kitchen”.

According to him, the 36 States of the Federation, had become a huge drainpipe on the country’s resources.

“These 36 States, overwhelmingly sustained by allocations from Abuja, cannot guarantee functional infrastructure, such as world class roads, railways, airports, housing, and urban development.

“These 36 States, largely unable to pay workers’ salaries, cannot guarantee standard educational, and healthcare systems, or facilitate rural development”.

On restructuring of the country, Bakare, urged for the harmonization of previous suggestions and reports, including the 2014 National Conference, saying every Nigerian must be involved in deciding a new governance structure for the federation.

While faulting the absence of a national vision for the country by successive and present administration, Bakare said: “The biggest indicator of the absence of a national vision or rallying point, is the preponderance of sectional agitations.

“For a relatively long time, perhaps understandably due to the quagmire it met on ground, but also due to insufficient coordination of strategies, the government failed to effectively communicate its direction, as encapsulated in the “Change” agenda.”

On the foreign exchange, Bakare called for a more reliable and predictable forex.

His words: “To begin with, the confusing and discriminatory multiple dollar to naira exchange rates, favourable to some and not so favourable to others, and without doubt confusing for potential investors, must be discarded, while a more reliable and predictable exchange rate, mutually beneficial to our people and economy, and attractive to foreign investors, should be put in place.”

According to him, “Prohibitive and punitive interest rates must be lowered, in order to liberate the creative ingenuity of our people, as well as encourage those who can access mortgages at affordable rates to become homeowners, especially if our Pension Scheme is up-to-date and robust.

“The multiplier effect of the removal of these bottlenecks in our economy, will cushion the effect of the current recession on our people.

“These are just two low hanging fruit solutions that demonstrate a commitment to turning the tide of decline.”

Bakare, said that 2016 was characterized by extreme uncertainties, intense political suspense, accelerated global terror, and mounting economic pressure, due to dwindling resources.

“The government’s diversification efforts have also propelled increased attention to agriculture, with the sector growing by 4.54 percent in the third quarter of the year, despite the 2.24 percent year on year reduction in growth rate.’’

Bakare then urged Nigerians, irrespective of religious, ethnic, gender, or other distinctions, to pray for God’s intervention, and support the government.