Why Nigerian Men Are Boycotting Young Ladies For Older And Married Women, Under Buhari

By Jennifer Ajimande November 29, 2016 10:53

Why Nigerian Men Are Boycotting Young Ladies For Older And Married Women, Under Buhari

It is general believe, that a man should be older than his spouse, or in some cases, be of the same age, as African cultures frown at younger men dating, or marrying older women.

However, as the economic hardship continues to bite harder, the rate at which younger men are opting for older women, is at an alarming rate, Post-Nigeria gathered.

Like their female counterparts, young men also want financial security, especially in these tough times, thus, many have resorted to pitching their tents with older partners, in order to have a soft landing.

Different categories of men now go for older women for different reasons. Some like the ‘gigolos’, that is, do it strictly for financial security, while others date older women, because they are more understanding, experienced, mature, and caring.

Post-Nigeria in this exclusive report, found out that most single women who are over 40 years, are mostly financial independent, and have already had their fair share of heartbreaks, and disappointments, from their peers, and have somewhat given up on the idea of marriage.

They sometimes prefer to hang around younger men in their twenties, who can give them the sexual pleasure they desire, and a good time.

Emmanuel Okoh, a Businessman in Gwarinpa, Abuja, said he used to go after younger girls, particularly students back in the days, because the working class ladies were only about marriage and no fun, but now the trend has changed.

“I used to date students, because all they want is someone to carter to their needs, and have a good time. They never cared about commitments, or marriage, but now with this bad economy, I no longer have spare money to lose. I prefer older and working women, who are self-reliant, because they can also support financially, and morally, because they are more experienced” Okoh said.

Another young man who wanted to remain anonymous, said women are becoming increasingly self-reliant, and independent, and as a result, have little or no time for themselves. That is why they would need a young blood like me, to satisfy all their needs, including ‘the other room’.

“Take it from a professional; older ladies are so fragile, caring, and understanding. They are not stubborn like those young girls. If she is in love with you, she can do anything you want her to. All it takes is understanding, and maturity.”

Terna, a man in his early thirties, concurred with Mr. Anonymous, stressing that younger women tend to be more expensive to maintain, than the older ones. This is because, older women most times already have their means of livelihood, and are less demanding.

“You don’t have to pay for her rent, or school fees, because she is self made. Instead, she will shower you with gifts, and undivided attention, because she feels lucky to have a younger hunk for a man.”

Other guys choose to date older, and successful ladies, who they think can offer resources and stability.

Micheal said: “I have not had any relationship with an older woman, but I know it is less stressful. These days the average guy does not have the time to expend on a timid young girl, who believes you have to woo her forever. The older ones are more forward, and may even walk up to a guy, and ask him out herself.

This was confirmed by a certain Emeka Anudi, who says older women do not play games like the younger ones. They are committed to a relationship, because they know what they want, and go for it.

When asked why he would date an older woman, John, a 300 level student screamed, “Financial Stability!!!”

He added, “I know it does not sound very sexy, but when bills need to be paid, those young fine faces, and hourglass will not pay bills. That is where the older financially stable woman comes in. The sweetest part of it, is they are not possessive, and childish.

Another participant, Adewale, maintained that the older, the better. They are more experienced in everything, including the craft of cooking, love making, and all.

“Having a solid 10 to 15 years more experience of living on this planet than you do, she might be able to school you on a few historical facts, (ones that happened way before you were even born), including cooking, and good sex. The older woman will do anything to please you in bed, unlike the younger girls.”

When asked if he could marry an older woman, Adewale said yes, but she should only be 3-5 years older, adding that, the world is evolving, and very soon Nigeria will embrace older women dating younger men, as they see no wrong doing, in older men marrying younger ladies.