Why Tinubu shunned Buhari, failed to attend NWC meeting

By Post Nigeria January 12, 2016 18:34

Why Tinubu shunned Buhari, failed to attend NWC meeting

The National Leader of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu was conspicuously missing when President Muhamamdu Buhari met with members of the Party’s National Working Committee, NWC, at the Presidential Villa at Abuja on Monday, 11th January 2016.

Post-Nigeria gathered that members of the NWC, led by the Chairman of the party, Chief John Oyegun, arrived at Aso Rock on Monday evening for the meeting which was held at the First Lady’s Conference Room.

The Deputy Chairman of the Party, Lawani Shuaibu, the Zonal Chairman, Chief Segun Oni, were among the NWC members present at the meeting.

Political commentators have expressed shock over the absence of the “Lion of Bourdilion” in such a high profile meeting especially at a time when the Buhari administration is grappling to fight corruption and insurgency.

The emergency meeting as widely speculated came barely hours after Tinubu through the Chairman, Editorial Board of the Nation Newspaper, Sam Omatseye faulted Buhari’s flagrant attitude of disrespecting court orders.

In an article dated January 11, 2016 titled; “To catch a thief” he stated that democracy triumphs in an atmosphere of law and order.

“But this is a democracy, and one of the lies of democracy is that majority always wins. This is one of those test cases of majority in a coma. Buhari’s war on corruption is a noble cause. But by defying the courts, it is a case of impunity chasing impunity. Two wrongs, where is the right?’’ He lamented.

Tinubu had incessantly faulted Buhari’s leadership style and has complained about his numerous foreign trips amidst the country’s wobbling economy occasioned by the “habit of playing megaphone outside the country.”

Tired of Buhari’s seemingly undiplomatic attitude, Tinubu insisted that it is wrong for the President to maintain “sealed lips at home and become announcer in chief abroad.”

“Two things were wrong with this. One, he is in the habit of playing megaphone outside the country. His lips are sealed at home. Abroad, he becomes announcer in chief,” He stated.

Post-Nigeria learnt that the mounting criticism prompted Buhari to organize a Presidential Media Chat, on December 30, 2016.

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However, to Tinubu, the Media Chat was a failure as he wrote in the Nation Newspaper, few days after the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, described it as a “charade.”

Tinubu stated this through his reliable mouth piece. “If eloquence or elocution was all that is needed to prove one is bona fide or demonstrate competence, President Muhammadu Buhari would prove a woeful failure. In his maiden media chat last week, he struggled to communicate, and worse, even struggled to form his thoughts.”

He added: “But to trust him with their lives, Nigerians will have to school him on the constitution afresh and extract promises of his fidelity to the laws of the land.

“For now, he sees both the constitution and the law as hindrances and handles them with the expedience of his military antecedents. Former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan spoke clearer and more fluently, and had better, wider and more complex grasp of issues.”

Before now, Tinubu had on November 2, 2015 in a piece titled “No Time for Remorse, Mr President” slammed Buhari’s relentless lamentations over Nigeria being “broke” while lobbying foreign investors.

“If a lot of our money has been stolen, what is the progress on getting them back? We need the money. We don’t want a President who will lament,’’ He stated.

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Tinubu had also criticized the president following what he described as “padded” budgetary figures in the 2016 Appropriation bill of N6.08 trillion, presented to the joint session of the National Assembly.

“The Buhari government cannot afford such a stain at this time when it is trying to get the public to appreciate its claim that it met a vastly depleted treasury.

“The point is that it is a contradiction to say the country is in a mess economically, and yet go on to purchase expensive vehicles whose purpose could as well be served by less costly ones.

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