Why women recover faster from breakups

By Jennifer Ajimande September 5, 2015 17:02

Why women recover faster from breakups

Men and women handle almost everything differently, ranging from the way they handle money to the various challenges of life. Breakups are not any different as both sexes have a different approach to dealing with emotional pain.

A study however has shown that women tend to suffer more emotional pain after a relationship crumbles than men but tend to bounce back into dating faster than men. Hmmm! No wonder Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” sold more than 3,980,000 copies. Without being told you know what we mean.

Women from the study suffered more depression, fear, anxiety than the men who suffered numbness, loss of focus and anger. Yet women, although suffering more of a painful reaction, were the ones who initiated the breakups.

The study by researchers from Binghamton University and University College in London carried it out on 5,705 participants from 96 countries to rate the emotional and physical pain they felt during a breakup.

On a scale of one (none) to 10 (unbearable), women averaged 6.84 in emotional pain and 4.21 in physical pain while men rated their emotional anguish during a breakup at a slightly lower 6.58, and physical pain at a markedly lower 3.75 out of 10. This proved that men do not associate emotional pain the way that women do.

Interestingly, women were found to be responsible for instigating most of the breaking ups, and also appear to bounce back from a split better than guys, with the study finding that men simply move on.

Lead author, Craig Morris, a professor of Anthropology at Binghamton University in New York explained the biology behind the findings, saying that women invest more in a relationship than a man however even with women rating higher on the pain scales, there is no room for a pity party.

    “Breakups seem to ‘hit’ women harder at first, but they do recover, often in better ‘relationship shape’ than before,” Morris said.

    “Meanwhile, guys feel that emotional and physical pain for longer as it starts to set in that he must ‘start competing’ for another woman.

    “Men react differently initially, but also seem to never truly ‘recover’. They just sort of move on.” He added.

The question is why do women initiate a breakup when they suffer more than their male counterpart?

Because women suffer splits more and appear to deal with pain head on than the men who spread out the pain over time and “never truly recover.”