With all due respect, a permanent candidate in elections will continue to be a permanent loser – Minister of Interior

By Post Nigeria December 31, 2014 13:30

With all due respect, a permanent candidate in elections will continue to be a permanent loser – Minister of Interior

Minister of Interior, Mr. Abba Moro, in a chat with journalists in Abuja categorically referred to Gen Mohammadu Buhari as a professional presidential candidate who never gets the prized trophy.

When asked if Gen Mohammadu Buhari is a threat to President Jonathan in the forthcoming Presidential election he said “Gen Buhari will never be a threat to President Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election. I said this with due respect to the person of Gen Buhari, but it is very difficult in our democracy to suddenly wake up from the wrong side of the bed to rewrite history.”

“From 1999 till today, certain persons have become permanent candidates for particular elections and as long as you remain a permanent candidate in elections, you will continue to be a permanent loser.

He further said “No matter the language you use in bringing it about, the fact is that a winner will never continue to be a permanent candidate since our democracy is tenured. No candidate can contest for more than 16 years in the case of Gen Buhari and not be permanent loser. If he is a candidate for more than 16 years, the tendency is that he will still lose. The person who has continued to win will continue to win,”

Moro, in confirmation of the incumbent president’s patriotism and dedication to the development of Nigeria added “In President Goodluck, we have a candidate who since assumption of office has left nobody in doubt about his passion for developing the Nigeria project and take the country to the next level of development.”

“Under his watch, Nigeria has recorded tremendous achievements inspite of the teething challenges facing the country especially security challenges. It takes a man of vision and focus to refuse to be distracted by the challenges of insurrection and insurgency on the land to record modest achievements in transforming the country.

“From whatever angle we look at the country, certain modest achievements have been recorded. Whether it is in railway, aviation, education, road transport, name it. The truth is that Nigeria has moved from the decay this government inherited to the level we are today. I can assure you that any person contesting against Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, in 2015 presidential election definitely has a herculean task to unseat him.

“Nigerians have seen the manifestation of good governance and the direction the country is going under President Jonathan is the right way to go in terms of national development. Any upset in an electoral process this time is certainly taking Nigeria to the past and dark days to start all over again.