Yahaya Bello faces Deadly Attack, Alongside Impeachment Plans

By Amako Nneji June 11, 2016 11:06

Yahaya Bello faces Deadly Attack, Alongside Impeachment Plans

At the wake of the Tribunal’s decision that upheld the election of the embattled Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, a concerned group has slammed the Governor’s high-handedness in running the affairs of the State.

The group known as, Concerned Kogites, led by its coordinator, Usman Okai Austin, disclosed this on Friday, June 10, in a statement titled, “Governor Bello, the Civil Servants are not your Slaves, You must treat them with respect”, maintaining that the Governor has been enmeshed in myriads of problems.

He added, that weak governance structure, red-tapism, weak accountability, low professional standards, waste and corruption, poor productivity, lack of control, redundancy and over-bloated personal Aides, have characterised his government.

Austin, reminded the Governor that the civil service is a permanent appointment and not a temporary one.

“Irrespective of the change that occurs in the government, a civil servant once appointed, remains in his job until retirement age or Natural occurrences, therefore you must Treat workers with kindness, and they will be more responsive”.

Recall, that Bello had privatized the affairs of Kogi State, under the disguise of screening Workers of in the State.

Outlining the many sins of the Governor, the group said: “Governor Bello is now opening salary accounts for the said Workers, with Zenith Bank, without their consent.

“Governor Bello had earlier in the year planned mass retrenchment of workers, which has been condemned and revolted by NLC, KOGI State chapter.

“Under the new arrangement by Governor Yahaya Bello, if as a worker you don’t have salary account with Zenith Bank, you are automatically dismissed from the state workforce.

“Most dishearteningly, aside the huge return Governor Bello is promised to get from Zenith Bank for bringing such a lucrative business, Governor Bello is also fixing thousand of names mostly from his kinsmen into the state workforce at the expense of the original civil servants.

“Furthermore, despite the fact that Governor Bello has collected bailout funds meant to pay workers’ salaries since April, 2016, Governor Bello has kept the said money in a fixed deposit account principally to yield interest for him.

“Bello, who has also collected four months allocation since his inauguration plus N4.7 billion the former Governor, Captain Idris Wada left behind for him, he has not been unable to pay workers salaries as expected.

“Is on record that Bello is now owing six months salaries, surpassing his predecessor who was owing 3 months then.

“In line with the above issues raised, we the concerned kogites, call on the civil society, Nigerian Legal Aids Council, Labour Union, NBA, NLC, PMB, and other relevant bodies to bring Bello to order and restore sanity in the whole affairs as this unbearable situation has led to the death of many civil servants in the State’s workforce and that of Local Government Area”.