Yayyy!!! Checkout This Awesome Kissing Device, To Spice Up Your Boring Sex Life

By Post Nigeria January 6, 2017 14:10

Yayyy!!! Checkout This Awesome Kissing Device, To Spice Up Your Boring Sex Life

Long-distance relationships are difficult to maintain, not only because lovers are completely removed from their day-to-day life, but they have absolutely zero possibility of tangible physical intimacy, like kissing and hugging.

This is why tech giants from the Imagineering Lab, decided to play cupid, by creating an unusual but unique gadget called, Kissenger, to bridge the gap between distance lovers.

With Kissenger, the world’s first mobile kissing app, blowing kisses through video calls may have just become obsolete, as a new smartphone accessory would make it possible for long distance lovers to kiss whenever they please.

The device, combines an iOs app, and a huge plug-in detection pad, to transmit wireless kisses, to someone else who has both the app and the Kissenger pad.

The Question is, how does it work?

The Kissenger, uses pressure sensors and actuators to imitate a real kiss, which is then sent using a messaging app paired to the device.

Most impressive is the fact that, this gadget is capable of measuring the pressure on different parts of the sender’s lips, and then replicates the exact kiss on the recipient’s device. The lip part of the device is made of silicon; apparently, the recipient can feel the sender’s kiss, when they kiss you back.

Note that, it is purely for regular pecks on the cheek or mouth — no tongue simulation is available.

Presently, the team has created a functioning iOS prototype, which plugs into the audio jack of an iPhone, iPod, and iPad. To kiss your partner, while you are talking on FaceTime or Skype, both iPhone users must attach the ‘Kissenger’ on their cell phones.

The Kissenger, can sense your kiss, and transmit realistic kissing sensations to your partner in real time.

According to the creators, “Kissing is the most direct and effective way to express your feelings and love. With Kissenger, you can kiss your loved ones, even when you are physically apart.

“We do not know how good or bad the experience will be, but hey, unless we have used it, we are nobody to judge its efficiency”, the creators said.

Although, some Tech ‎Analysts, have argued that the app may not totally replace the human physical charm. Perhaps, a cold silicon device pushing against your lips would feel good; if you knew it came from someone you love.