Checkout These Must-Have Wedding Guest Attires (Part 1)

By Post Nigeria September 8, 2016 14:25

Checkout These Must-Have Wedding Guest Attires (Part 1)

As a follow up to my previous article, ‘Great, Stylish, Wedding Shopping Tips You Must Adopt,’ I would now be stating explicitly, what is appropriate and expected from a stylish wedding guest, for the different wedding ceremonies.

White Tie Weddings:


This is a rare occurrence; however, it is the fanciest of all dress codes. It means you definitely will be wearing a tuxedo with tails, patent leather shoes, and white gloves.

Black Tie Weddings: The tuxedo scores top points, for sophistication and class. While wedding dress codes have softened in severity overtime, black tie is the backbone of formal attire. These days, a formal wedding will entail a standard tuxedo. The standard tuxedo involves a black dinner jacket, made from high quality medium weight wool, and will come in a peak or shawl lapel. The pair of trousers should have a grosgrain stripe down the leg out seam, to match the lapel.


The tuxedo can be worn with a plain white shirt for a cleaner look, or a pleated white shirt, if you want to go for something fancier. As a base, turn down collars are better for black ties in modern times. The buttons can be either concealed (a fly front), or on show (a French placket).

Remember your jacket and trousers must be black or midnight blue at most, but nothing too colourful. It is always best to stick to these colours.


The shoes must always be black; a black lace-up patent for statement sheen, as simplicity is key here. So, avoid brogues punch holes and leather shoe trends, like contrast soles and chunky heels. You could also wear velvet slippers.


A manual tying (no clip-ons) bow tie, is the superior option for the classic black tie. Ideally, the satin, velvet, or silk material of the bow tie is matched to the jacket lapel. When wearing a waistcoat, or cummerbund, make sure the pleats are facing up.



Lastly, finish the look with quality cufflinks, and if you want to be that style star at the wedding, a pocket square, lapel pin, or silk scarf would do justice to your look.

Semi-Formal Weddings: The semi-formal dress code is the more popular request on wedding invitations nowadays, and it is your safest bet, if a code is not specified at all. It is more relaxed than the black tie, but is far from casual.

However, be warned, as your styling must not look like you are off to the office, or a court hearing.


A dark suit is the foundation of a semi-formal look. A two or three piece suit; it is your choice. Black, navy, and charcoal grey are all acceptable options.

Your shirts should be in solid neutral colours like white, black, grey or blue, or with a mild pattern- pinstripe, or lean windowpane check.

Make sure the shirt is crisp, clean and pressed, the collar sharp and never floppy.


For your shoes, oxfords are the best option for a semi-formal ensemble, and monk strap shoes can be worn for something a little bolder, sticking to shades of brown, or black. Finally, make sure your shoes are clean, well-polished, and looking their best.

For accessorizing, stick with the aforementioned semi-formal pieces, there is now some room for an injection of personal style, (remember no business suit styling). Creative touches are welcome across socks, ties and pocket squares.

When in doubt, switch in material contrast like a knitted tie; or suede monks, instead of a patterned tie, or coloured socks. Texture is subtle, but brilliant.

I am sure with all the tips I have given, you would definitely become a Style Star at Weddings!

Until another time, remain stylish!