Men’s Style Guide: Great Tips For The Classy and Stylish Working Man (Part 1)

By Post Nigeria June 28, 2016 19:30

Men’s Style Guide: Great Tips For The Classy and Stylish Working Man (Part 1)

Before now, staying stylish in office wears was a bit hard, due to restrictions on what could be worn to work. However, more recently, the rules have been relaxed, so it would be great to take advantage of it; in a good way I mean. In these 3 Part Series, I would be giving straight to the point tips, to serve as a guide on how to be that Style Star, at work.


In as much as the rules have been relaxed, does not mean you can wear a clown’s costume to work. Suits are still a work staple; so it would be necessary to own suits in colours blue, navy blue, charcoal, light grey and black. Suits in bright colours, are an absolute no-no.

There is nothing more empowering than putting on a great looking suit; it can make you feel six inches taller and more refined.

There are different styles of suits that can be purchased in the suggested colours stated above.

The Three Piece Suit:



It is a pretty bold look. In a more formal office environment, this could be considered a really powerful look which is sure to get you noticed by everyone, in a good way. The key piece of advice when wearing the classic three piece suit, is to always ensure that both the waistcoat and jacket are always worn or removed at the same time.

The Single Breasted Suit:

Single Breasted Suit 1

There is a good reason that the single breasted suit is a wardrobe staple among business leaders, politicians and movie stars, the answer – it looks damn good. This style of suit is iconic and when worn well, can make almost any man, look like a million dollars! It is also a little more comfortable and less formal than the three-piece suit. There are numerous ways of adding interest and personality through the use of colours and pattern, although it is best to go for one or the other. If you are going for a bright colour, it is best to pair with a simple suit. A pinstripe or check suit, should be paired with a plainer shirt or tie combo.



In order to pull off a bit more relaxed look, while still maintaining the sharpness from a suit, you could pair more casual clothes with a jacket. Thus, for obvious reasons, it is by far the most versatile way of wearing a suit. A smarter jacket can be paired with a more casual pair of chinos and shirts, without a tie to create a fairly smart casual look. Another way to dress down the suit, is to swap the shirts for a fitted crew or roll neck jumper. This adds an element of informality to the look, while maintaining the professional core of the style.