Men’s Style Guide: Great Tips For The Classy and Stylish Working Man (Part 2)

By Ifeanyi Okafor Jr. July 12, 2016 14:04

Men’s Style Guide: Great Tips For The Classy and Stylish Working Man (Part 2)

Prior to Part 1, which explained the basic stylish tips for working men, Part 2 will be highlighting some other greater tips for staying very stylish and classy at the office. Peep below for five important guidelines.

1) Get The Right Fit:

Three Piece Suit 1

Even though wearing a suit can have a massive impact on a man’s appearance to the outside world, the choice can disastrously backfire, if the suit just does not fit right. There is nothing sadder than seeing someone obviously uncomfortable in the clothes they are wearing, and watching as they constantly fidget awkwardly, hoping it might magically snap into shape.

2) Shirt and Tie Pattern Mix:

Shirt And Tie Pattern Mix

Matching your shirt and tie with your suit, can be one of the hardest choices you can make. Introducing coloured and/or patterned ties and shirts, is one of the most effective ways of injecting some life into your ensemble. One of the simplest pieces of advice is to avoid too many patterns. To be safe, it is best if either the shirt, jacket or tie is patterned, in order to avoid any clashes. Therefore, if you opt for a pinstripe suit, the shirt and tie should have no pattern. Never match patterns of the same style and size, on two separate items of clothing, as this can be overpowering. For example, it would be ill-advised to have a shirt and tie with the same striped pattern.

3) Shirt and Tie Colour:

Shirt And Tie Colour

There are a few key guidelines when considering colours of shirts and ties. If you are going for a plain white shirt and black suit, then your tie can be pretty much any colour, as the blank canvas of the shirt and suit, will allow the tie to shine through. However, if you want to match a coloured shirt with a coloured tie, there are some important basics to know. It is important to always try to pick a tie which is a darker shade than the shirt. It creates a contrast and makes the look pleasant. It is odd if the shirt is the darker colour. The simplest way to pair colours together is to match contrasting hues. For example, a navy blue suit jacket would pair well with a light blue or white shirt and burnt orange or burgundy tie. Colour combinations with black, grey and charcoal coloured suits are even simpler, because of the neutrality of the suit. Ideally, your wardrobe should include some staple plain white, pink and blue shirts. If you choose a patterned or check shirt, it is best to either opt for a plain tie, which picks out one of the darker colours in the shirt pattern, or leave the tie off altogether.

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4) Shoes:


A misjudgement in shoe colours can absolutely destroy the look of a suit. Usually black shoes go with all the colours, that is, black, charcoal, navy blue, blue and light grey suits, but you can use chocolate brown shoes with navy blue suits, and light brown shoes with blue and light grey suits. Stick to these basic rules for pairing your shoe colours to your suits and you will maintain the admiration of all around you.

5) Accessories:

Accessories 1

This should never be overlooked. From your cufflinks, to your tie clips, wrist watches and even brooches. This is because they add that extra that make you stand out at work. For jewelries, the basic rule of thumb is to keep all the metals matching; either gold or silver tones, but never both. Watches, rings, cufflinks and earrings if you wear one, all fall under the rule, with the exception of wedding rings. If you happen to wear coloured jewellery, be sure that the coloured stone/glass either contrasts or mimics the colours of the larger outfit. Briefcases and other bags are rarely a perfect match, (unless you happen to have the money for a matching bag with each suit and shirt). Most men find it easiest to own a black bag and a brown bag, and match the bags to their shoes and belts. Blue tone canvases do well with brown leather and more neutral bases, go best with black.

Pocket squares add a bit of stylish flash. They should pair with the suit jacket in much the same way that the neck tie pairs with the shirt. When wearing both, be aware that the necktie and pocket square should never match! They are two separate accents.

I am sure with all the tips I have given, you would definitely become a Style Star at work!
Until another time, remain stylish…..