Men’s Style Guide: Great Tips For The Classy and Stylish Working Man (Part 3)

By Ifeanyi Okafor Jr. July 20, 2016 12:56

Men’s Style Guide: Great Tips For The Classy and Stylish Working Man (Part 3)

As a follow up to Parts 1 and 2, Part 3 will be concluding this amazing series, by giving out great tips that would be helpful and useful to those who work in a More Relaxed Office Environment.

For those who work in a more relaxed office setting, donning a suit could make you stick out like a sore thumb. Nobody likes someone who tries too hard. However, this does not mean you should go to work in a joggers and an old T-shirt.

In a bid to guide your style even in a more relaxed office, I have been able to provide you some simple, but very effective tips. Below, you would find a quick guide to some potential looks that are perfect for a slightly more laid-back office environment.

a) Mix It Up:



Try some smart casual trousers, like chinos, or work pants; and pair them with a check or patterned shirt and jacket, or an oxford shirt and a jumper combination. There are far fewer hard and fast rules, so have fun with mixing up different style colours and patterns.

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b) Keep It Fairly Smart:


Match a pair of smart trousers, with a long sleeve shirt. To maintain the informality, lose the tie. This is a relatively smart look, but it is not too uptight. If you want to add a bit of interest to this look, make it a patterned or tastefully coloured shirt, and maybe a jumper.

c) T-Shirts and Jean Trousers:


You may think that jean trousers in the office is an absolute no-no, but if worn in the right way, this style classic can more than hold its own in the work place. Try a more fitted jean, ideally, a straight leg or a tapered fit, are the best options. Avoid distressed, torn or baggy jeans. In terms of shirts, you are at work, so no one wants to see you in your band or comedy slogan t-shirts. Keep it really simple, and opt for a classic plain tee, or one with a simple pattern. It is also advised, to go for a more fitted t-shirts. Keep things clean, simple and classic. It is also worth trying, to pair your jean trousers and t-shirts with a simple shoe, like dessert boost, or even classic trainers, as long as they are simple and fairly smart looking.

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I am sure with all the tips I have given, you would definitely become a Style Star at work!

Until another time, remain stylish!



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