The Illiterate Northerners, That Contribute Less Than 5 Percent To Nigeria, Will No Longer Rule Us – Yorubas Cry Out

By Post Nigeria August 13, 2017 16:11

The Illiterate Northerners, That Contribute Less Than 5 Percent To Nigeria, Will No Longer Rule Us – Yorubas Cry Out

The President of the Young Yorubas for Freedom, YYF, Adeyinka Grandson, has on Sunday, declared that the Yorubas will no longer be under the control of the Northerners, who only contribute less than five percent to the total revenue of Nigeria.
In an interview with The Punch, the YYF Leader, insisted that resources from the South-West, were being used to develop the North.
This came barely a few weeks, after a coalition of Niger Delta agitators, told Northerners and Yorubas residing in the Niger Delta, to vacate the region before October 1.
The group had also threatened to resume attacks on oil and gas installations across the Niger Delta region, from September 10, 2017.
While speaking, Grandson said: “The following seven revenue generating agencies collect 95 per cent of the Federal Government of Nigeria incomes: the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, the Nigeria Customs Service, the Federal Inland Revenue Service, the Nigeria Ports Authority, the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas.
“From all the levies paid to the Federal Government of Nigeria as revenue, the Yoruba pays 49 per cent of the total revenue accruing to the Federal Government every month, but receives about eight per cent of the monthly allocation from the same Federal Government, whereas, the North, a region that contributes less than five per cent to the total revenue of the Federal Government, receives more than 55 per cent of the monthly allocation shared by the Federal Government.

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“We make no pretence that if the Federal Government of Nigeria refuses to return Nigeria to true and fiscal federalism that is based on regional autonomy on or before election, the Young Yorubas for Freedom will declare for Oduduwa Republic and start a war with the use of chemical, biological, and even radiological weapons against the Federal Government of Nigeria if its President orders an attack on the sovereignty of the Yoruba people whenever we declare for Oduduwa Republic.
“The days our parents were protesting with their fists in the face of armoured tanks and being killed, arrested, imprisoned and exiled by the Hausa/Fulani are over. Our generation has learned from their mistakes. It is Oduduwa Republic or organised violence.”
Grandson described Yoruba youths as gullible, who have allowed the Federal Government, led by the Hausa Fulani, to take advantage of them.
He said: “The gullible Yoruba youth are oblivious of the fact that small business owners with operational base in Yorubaland have been paying corporate income tax in the Yoruba’s South-West since 1966, but 90 per cent of the tax goes to build schools, hospitals, fire stations, and roads for the people living in the northern regions, whilst 200 children in Yorubaland die each day from sanitation-related diarrhoea, when revenues collected in Yorubaland fund economic growth and development in the North.
“The gullible Yoruba youths who are pro-One Nigeria can crosscheck with the Federal Ministry of Finance that 70 per cent of VAT/Sales Tax collected in Nigeria is from Lagos, Yorubaland. If we add Ogun, Oyo, Ondo, Osun, Ekiti, Kwara and Western Kogi, Akoko-Edo and Itsekiri in Delta State to Lagos State, Yorubaland contributes 85 per cent of the VAT/sales tax collected by the Federal Government of Nigeria.
“The Yoruba are acting like slaves in Nigeria. The more reason Hausa/Fulani people are always desperate to ‘capture’ power to continue to lord it over the Yoruba people. If Yoruba youths can understand why they are wretched and miserable, they will take up to organised violence with chemical weapons to free their homeland from Nigeria. But because Christianity and Islam have damaged their minds and souls, they can’t think like human beings. Before I was born, the saying has always been that ‘the Yoruba are the most educated people in Nigeria.’ It is an expensive joke I have heard in my adult life.”